Golden Vessel – ‘Borrowed Time’ (ft. Tiana Khasi) (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

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It’s a week since the official release of ‘Borrowed Time’ by Australian producer Golden Vessel and Australian singer Tiana Khasi and we already have a video.

And what a video it is, the imagery is amazing, it’s almost like moving art.

The concept of the video which was filmed and directed by Jake Lofven is to portray “the sound and texture of the song through a visual aesthetic.”

According to Golden Vessel:

“For the A-section of the song, the track is portrayed by a light and airy visual texture, and as the song transitions into the darker/deeper B-section, the visuals also morph into a moodier/darker aesthetic, delivering a complete audio/visual sensory experience.”

Watch the video below


Golden Vessel on Twitter

Golden Vessel on Facebook

Tiana Khasi on Twitter

Tiana Khasi on Facebook


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