Stephen Bradley – ‘Runaways’

artworks-000121760060-hnlgor-t500x500I love every single element of this song. From the harmonising vocals, to the jazzy horns and I think it is these elements that make Stephen Bradley’s ‘Runaways’ so spellbinding and leaves you in a dreamlike wonder.

On his Soundcloud, Stephen describes the song as an “A musical abstraction…dedicated to all the lonely lost souls in all of us.”

If the name sounds familiar, you may know him from the band, No Doubt. Stephen has spent the last 19 years recording and touring the universe with No Doubt and finally has set aside time to release his first solo project, an EP called RUNAWAYS.

Stephen plays horns, keyboards and contributes backing vocals for No Doubt, and on his solo debut all of those talents are broadcast in full color. Elements of classic R&B/soul, new electronica and big pop are effortlessly combined, resulting in music that people of any age and background can appreciate.

The EP was released on July 14. I haven’t listened to it yet but I can only imagine what the other songs sound like, judging from this one alone.

Stream the song below


Stephen Bradley on Soundcloud

Stephen Bradley on Twitter

Stephen Bradley’s official website






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