Cloves – ‘Don’t You Wait’

artworks-000123103051-fswbeo-t500x500‘Don’t You Wait’ is a beautiful ballad from 19-year-old Australian artist, Cloves. This is a follow up to her first single, ‘Frail Love‘.

Cloves’ vocals caress your soul on ‘Don’t You Wait, she reaches straight to your heart, grabs hold of it and then the emotions start rushing in. Not many artists can do that.

I like that on her songs, she does not complicate it with too many instrumentals. On ‘Frail Love’, it was her voice and a piano, on this track, it’s just her and a guitar. This simple style really makes you feel her lyrics and then you get lost in her voice.

‘Don’t You Wait’ is the second installment of the three track EP XIII, due to drop on vinyl only via Duly Noted Records in late August. Cloves is currently working on her album under the guidance of Lana Del Rey, Rihanna and Sia collaborator Justin Parker, as well as Rich Cooper, who has worked with the likes of Tom Odell and Mumford and Sons.

Stream the song below


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