jackLNDN – ‘All I See’


CREDIT: Nom Nom Vega

‘All I See’ is a banger track from the very talented British producer JackLNDN.

I am familiar with some of his work but I think this is the first time I’ve heard his vocals on one of his tracks. I’m noticing a trend with producers, singing on their tracks and I’m not complaining. Y’all sound great!

‘All I See’ begins with funky vocals and a steady beat, the main vocal hook comes in, accompanied by euphoric use of piano chords for maximum feel-good vibes.

In addition, JackLNDN’s contrasts between the singalong choruses and addictive riffs cleverly balance the tune from start to finish in style.

Look out for him at Ultra Music later this month. In the meantime, listen to the track below.


JackLNDN on Facebook

JackLNDN on Twitter

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