The Elwins – ‘So Down Low’ [Official Video]

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The quality of music videos these days have really deterred me from watching them because they always seem to disappoint in one way or the other, most times the video, at least for me, spoils a song that I may have really liked.

I say all of this, to point out that The Elwins’ new video for their lead single, ‘So Down Low’ is the exception to this. It’s a video I can watch over and over.

The song, is the first single off of their 2015 LP Play For Keeps, which is out now on Hidden Pony and the video is a perfect match for it. It’s a stop motion video that features thousands of Post-It notes.

The video’s director Alan Poon, said, “The band was great to work with and came up with many of their own ideas and even performed in the video using a stop-motion technique called “pixilation” whereby we animate them frame-by-frame to make them slide across the floor and other fun but impossible moves. It was a really special video to work on and I think the results reflect the band’s energy and enthusiasm for creating all things with a fun and unique quality to them.”

Well done fellas!


The Elwins’ official website

The Elwins on Facebook

The Elwins on Twitter



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