Swiss Lips – ‘Got It Bad’

slFans of Manchester-based electro-pop band Swiss Lips, I’m very sad to disclose that the band is breaking up. I feel so cheated because they make such great music together and now they are no more.

The first song I heard from the band was ‘Books‘ and that’s when I fell in love.

The band said their break up was due to “major label syndrome”. They said life had become “a drain” under Sony Epic.

To say farewell, the band are giving away this new single called Got It Bad as a free download on to mark the occasion and releasing a second album called Overflowing Futures, with a bunch of previously unreleased content on including a Bastille Remix of the song U Got The Power.

A statement from the 4-piece read:

“We have decided that this is the end for Swiss Lips. The thing we loved the most became a drain, it’s pretty gruesome out there for a small band in 2015. To anyone who cares or cared, we thank you for coming along for the ride, and more importantly for the support you gave, we truly appreciate it and had some amazing times.  All ends bring new beginnings, hopefully see you around. Sam, Luke, Tim, Tom & Nic.”

Listen below

Farewell Swiss Lips. You will be missed.

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