Kabaka Pyramid – ‘Well Done’ (Official Music Video)

kabaka pyramid Earlier this year Kabaka Pyramid released a a hit social commentary track, titled ‘Well Done’ produced by Damian ‘Junior Gong’ Marley.  The single ‘Well Done’ highlighted the ineffectual government, while using sarcasm to speak directly to politicians of the world, exposing their abuse of leadership. When you listen to the lyrics, I’m sure many of us can relate.

The single finally has a video. Directed by Benjamin Lidsky and illustrated by Ikem Smith, ‘Well Done’ video captures the true essence of the song. Providing thought provoking visuals and streamlined messages throughout the video.

I am really pleased that this video is finally being released. I know people have been waiting since early this year and I’m sure the video will be different from anything one might expect. Benjamin Lidsky, the director, and  , the editor/illustrator, captured the essence of the song and the struggles of not only Jamaicans, but people worldwide. I hope the video evoke conversation and makes a difference” says Kabaka Pyramid.

Tonight (August 29th) Kabaka Pyramid and the Bebble Rockers are performing in Trinidad at the O2 Park Chaguaramas and tomorrow (August 30th) in Tobago at Dwight York Stadium. Kabaka Pyramd will headline along with Reggae star Chronixx and Zincfence Redemption on the IREMEMBER T&T concert. I’m disappointed that I’m missing it, I hope I catch Kabaka whenever he returns.


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