Selena Gomez – ‘Good For You’ (NEBBRA Remix) ft. A$AP Rocky

GFY Nebbra Remix

Selena Gomez’ ‘Good For You’ has an official remix and it is courtesy French producer, Nebbra.

I actually like this song from Selena, you know all of those Disney girls have to at some point, show that they are no longer the little girls we saw on television but now women and this song was her opportunity to do so and I think she succeeded.

Nebbra’s remix just adds more sensuality with the chops, drops and the synths, my only complaint and it’s not the fault of the producer, I think the A$AP feature should be dropped, it’s not needed, it adds nothing and it kills the flow of the song. Putting that aside however, this remix is solid and I really wish there was a download button, I would love to have this on rotation on my playlist.

Stream the song below


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