James Chatburn – ‘Creator’


James Chatburn’s ‘Creator’ is a beautiful piece of music.

Listening to this song is an experience. It starts off slow, as James teases us with his soft vocals but then the beat drops and you hear that pore raising voice belt out some beautiful lyrics tied in with flawless harmonies.

‘Creator’ is James’ third single of the year. Co-produced with one of my favourite artists, Jordan Rakei the track takes a rather honest look at life.
Written last year, ‘Creator’ is released as a series of four singles, starting with ‘Holiday Love’ (another collaboration with Jordan Rakei) in February, and then ‘We Drink’ (featuring Frank Nitt and produced with Dizz1) released back in June. The final track, ‘Cracks and Breaks’, will be released in November, and will complete the compilation.

All the tracks collectively show James dexterity with genre, production and songwriting, and he has some exciting upcoming collaborations.

Stream the song below

About the artist:
James Chatburn is an Australian soul singer, songwriter and producer, who is now based in Berlin. A mixture of soul, blues and indie-electronic music, he has meshed influences from a wide variety of musical styles to create music which does not fit into any one mould.


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