MUNA – ‘Loudspeaker’


After listening to MUNA’s first two singles, ‘So Special’ and ‘Promise’ I felt as if this group was not for me but after listening to their third single, ‘Loudspeaker’ I think I have to reconsider.

This infectious cut is meant as a reclamation of one’s voice after a period of time spent in darkness, and the potent message is felt from the opening line, with lead singer Katie crooning, “What you want from me is all of my time wasted on you.”

This track’s nostalgic vibe is intoxicating. As my fellow blogger over at Free Bike Valet wrote, “The track is superb, classic synth-pop best embraced while wearing shoulder pads, playing a keytar, and surrounded by smoke.”

What more can be said?

Listen and enjoy.


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