Day Fly – ‘Magnet’

Photo courtesy Day Fly's Facebook page

Photo courtesy Day Fly’s Facebook page

I am loving the flow on this one from Day Fly.

According to their Facebook page, Day Fly is the music Brainchild of Dutch producer K The Fresh and English singer and songwriter Beau Nox. They explain that a Dayfly is “an outlier, a soul that floats on the cusp of social norm. Unbound by principles. The ultimate symbol of impermanence and the fragility of life.”

‘Magnet’ features a beautiful range of vocals on a bed of soul mixed with an R&B vibe. They definitely have a hit on their hands on this one.

Listen for yourself.

“Magnet’ is out on October 9 via Tangram Records while the EP is expected a few weeks later.


Day Fly on Facebook

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