MiekeMieke’s self titled EP is the first project I’ve reviewed for the year, I’ve tried to do several others but my full time job and life just got in the way and I lost the inspiration to listen and review an entire body of work until I received an email from Mieke.

“When I wrote my debut EP I thought I wrote these songs about someone else.It turns out I needed to hear them most of all.” This is what pulled me in and made me want to read more.

She detailed to me her struggles with major labels and producers in the past as they tried to take the project in another direction. She wanted to make something “honest and raw, something strange and vulnerable”. And it was that description that inspired me to review again.

Of course, life got in the way and it has taken me more than a month to write this, but that does not mean, I was not listening to her music because I listened almost every day and fell in love with something I may have missed in the previous listens.

Mieke did what she set out to do, she put out an EP that was honest and raw, something you don’t get very often especially in so called mainstream music.

There are four tracks on the EP and I love them all. From the first song, ‘Sleeping Alone’ to the last ‘Move On’ she tells a story that’s painful and that many can relate to. A story that is told with beautiful harmonies and that highlights all of her talents, from singing to songwriting.

It really is a stunning piece of work. Well done Mieke.

The EP is available for purchase at and on iTunes here
While you are doing that, you can stream the first single, ‘Sleeping Alone’ below
Mieke’s official website
Mieke on Facebook
Mieke on Twitter

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