Sabina Ddumba – ‘Not Too Young’


After one listen, you’ll be singing along to Sabina Ddumba’s new song ‘Not Too Young’.

It’s one of those love anthems that will stick in your head for days and that will not be a bad thing.

She sings, “They say I’m young, but I’m not too young to know what love is.”

I hope to hear this on regular rotation on mainstream radio very soon because if it isn’t, people will be missing out on a really good song from such a talented artist.

About Sabina:

Having spent years in gospel choir, Sabina’s roots run deeply in classic soul while distinctly hearkening back to a 90’s R&B sound giving her an irresistible modern edge. Thematically, Sabina delves into love and respect with brutally honest lyricism delivered sincerely and effortlessly, citing Lauryn Hill and Janelle Monáe as inspirations. FUN FACT: Sabina contributed backing vocals on Katy Perry’s ‘Walking On Air’.

Stream the song below

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