Karen Rodriguez – ‘Hotline Bling’ (Spanglish cover)

hbWe’ve been flooded with covers and remixes of Drake’s ‘Hotline Bling’ and I know some are weary but trust me, this cover will thrill you from beginning to end.

It’s the first “Spanglish” cover I’ve heard of any song and Karen Rodriguez, killed it! I’m now a Spanglish fan.

Karen’s vocals drips sensuality and her runs are pore raising and let me tell you, she hits you with a note at the 2.15 mark, that will, without a doubt, blow your mind. The girl is good, as a matter of fact, the girl is great.

Watch Karen as she delivers the best cover I’ve heard of ‘Hotline Bling’ below

You can also stream the song, and click her Soundcloud to get the free download link


Karen Rodriguez on Twitter

Karen Rodriguez on Facebook

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