Vaudeville Smash – ‘Richter Scale’

Vaudeville Smash

In support of the single ‘Richter Scale’, Vaudeville Smash has dropped their new video which was shot in Tokyo!
They had 3 days in Japan to shoot 12 very hectic locations.Among countless misadventures the band literally got extorted by Yukuza, who almost confiscated their footage, sabotaged by bat shit crazy bipolar call girls and locked into self-service love hotels while shooting the video.
The story of this shoot, the video, the song, the band, are all very entertaining and this song is such a good throwback to the 80s sound that you can’t help but listen to it over and over.
Watch the video below


Vaudeville Smash’s official website

Vaudeville Smash on Facebook

Vaudeville Smash on Twitter

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