Klyne – ‘Closer’ (Official Video)


I love the vibe of Klyne’s ‘Closer’ and the theme of the video, “When life gets you down, sometimes you just have to dance it out“. Words to live by.

The video is directed by Jon Olav Stokke. The choreography realised by Stefan Puxon illustrates the tragedy befalling a clown as he loses his most prized possession – his balloons. However, all is not lost, when life gets you down – sometimes you just have to dance it out:

“Somehow Closer captures both darkness and light, loss and hope, in one perfectly formed package. That’s where the clown idea came from and then the amazing Stefan Puxon brought him to life. I think the message here is, sometimes you just have to dance it out!” -Jon Olav Stokke

Watch the video below

You can also stream the song over on their Soundcloud


Klyne on Facebook

Klyne on Twitter


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