Lily & Madeleine – ‘Hourglass’ [Official Music Video]

I honestly can’t pinpoint what is in this song, that makes me like it so much. It drew me in almost instantly. Could it be the flawless harmonies? Or maybe it’s the soothing melodies. Whatever the reason, Lily & Madeleine’s ‘Hourglass’ is fantastic!

‘Hourglass’ is the first single off the duo’s upcoming album, ‘Keep It Together’ which will be released on February 28, 2016. The video which was directed by Laurel Cohen, fits perfectly with the vibe of the song. It centres on fast cuts of slow motion clips, paired with bright hues and spliced together images to reflect the track’s subtle intricacies. It’s a bit of a craft explosion, as Lily & Madeleine are shown playfully covered in buttons and enveloped in clouds of colored smoke.

Watch it below


Lily & Madeleine’s official website

Lily & Madeleine on Facebook

Lily & Madeleine on Twitter


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