Foxtails Brigade – ‘I’m Not Really In The Christmas Mood’ Solo Version

Who would think a song about not being in the Christmas mood would sound so good.

San Francisco-based indie-pop group Foxtails Brigade have released their final song for 2015 and although it’s a song about not being in the Christmas mood, it sort of puts me in the mood more than I was before, strangely enough.

The group’s frontwoman Laura Weinbach, delivers this beauty with just her voice and a guitar and it is exquisite. In an interview with Bitch Media she explains, “In the several years since I originally wrote this song, I’ve genuinely tried to stay light and see the bright side of things. But sadly the holidays remain a painful reminder of unreconciled differences and distant separation. For anyone whose holiday spirit has been shadowed by loss or division, I once again offer to you this song.”

Watch and listen below


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