PREMIERE: Mennska & Mas Tropical – ‘What About Us’

Deep house duo Mennska and Mas Tropical have collaborated again to create a really beautiful song wrapped up in that perfect tropical house vibe.

‘What About Us’ seems to have been inspired by British singer, Mark Knopfler’s tune, ‘Romeo and Juliet’.

In the description of the song, they question, “What if Romeo and Juliet in Mark Knopfler’s eponymous song did not realize that “It was just that the time was wrong”? What would happen to the romantic couple, years down the line when the neon lights, rum punch and sandy beaches fail to relight the spark?”

So Mennska and Mas Tropical take the melodic genre to a more reflective, groovy plane where they examine the uncertainties that lie below the surface of a picture perfect romance.

Mennska and Mas Tropical’s first collaboration, ‘Won’t Come Home‘, was released in January and their second released today. It’s a nice way to start and end the year.

I love ‘What About Us’ for many reasons, Ewan Macfarlane’s flawless vocals, the sexy saxophone solo and the unforgettable melody.

Stream the song below

If you can’t get enough of it, hit that free download button.


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