REVIEW: Strangers You Know – ‘PRE/POST’

I love when artists do things differently and Strangers You Know surely did that, on their two track EP, PRE/POST.

When I listened to the first track, Queen of Venice Beach ‘Oowee’, I thought, this EP will be one with a pop/dance vibe, but when the second track started to play, ‘Shoot Me Down’,  I thought my music was on shuffle and directed me to a whole other album, but when I realised it was the same one, I was in awe, because the second track was a totally different genre, a bit of Folk, I would think, but it worked and I wonder now what will a full length album from these two sound like.

As they describe it, Pre/Post is the before and after of an infatuation. From the optimistic rosy shades worn looking into a relationship to the crippling after effects, the two songs differ as much sonically as they do in subject matter and one fun fact they both were inspired by the same Los Angeles lady.

Stream the EP below


Strangers You Know official website

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