Stwo – ‘Quiet Life’

artworks-000061130808-41wi3g-t500x500A piece of music that needs no words, a song with a chill beat that takes you to a music lover’s paradise. It’s that good.

This piece was created by STWO (pronounced “Stew”).

According to his official Facebook page, he is a 20-year-old producer from Paris, France. With only five months of producing under his belt, he has now impressed his quickly growing fan base with the newest masterpiece, his EP “Beyond” via Live For The Funk. The EP has collectively received almost half a million plays, and has proven to listeners that STWO has some real talent.

I’ll be listening to that EP and you should too if you like what you hear.

Listen to the dope track below


Stwo on Facebook

Stwo on Twitter

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