Tiny Rhymes – ‘Arrows’

tiny-rhymes-art_coverIndie/Folk-chamber group Tiny Rhymes has put a smile on my face.

It’s a song that’s full of orchestral elements and it’s one that I would love to hear live.

According to Sharon, one member of the group, ‘Arrows is about a childhood sweetheart that she lost touch with over the years, only to reconnect in their early twenties while he was away at college.
“For a time, I think we both badly wanted it to work, but ultimately grew apart again. He was always on my mind, and the first songs I wrote for this album were all about us,” she explained.
Sharon said she originally wrote the album as solo acoustic, but was soon joined by cellist Katie Weissman and violinist Kathryn Koch, and started to write for the group as a whole.
“I’m lucky to be working with them, we have a lot of fun,” she said.
Stream the song below


Tiny Rhymes on Facebook



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