REVIEW: Haute – ‘Reciprocity’ EP


Haute’s ‘Reciprocity’ EP will probably be my third review for the year and that is because, I don’t have the time I really need to listen to EPs, albums or mixtapes. I made the time to listen to this EP after hearing the first track, ‘So High’. It really captured my attention and I needed to hear more and let me tell you, I was not disappointed.

The Montreal-based French duo, is made up of singer, writer, Anna Magidson and beatmaker, producer, Romain Hainaut. These two make magic together because this EP is definitely one many will enjoy. It’s a blend of R&B and pop with an electronic vibe. Each song is beautifully made, with Anna’s striking vocals together with Romain’s exquisite production.

There are only six tracks on this EP but three of them really stood out for me.

‘So High’ – This is the song I mentioned was the reason I wanted to review the EP, it’s stunning and it will grab your attention immediately, stream that song below.

‘Sound 3’ – It’s the flow of her voice with those thumping beats, that really got me hooked.

‘Reciprocity’ – The title track is definitely a banger, you are going to want to turn up the volume on this one.

This EP is perfect, I have no complaints and I look forward to the duo releasing a full length album.

Stream it below

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