Stephanie Nicole


Meet Stephanie Nicole…

Stephanie Nicole is a classically trained, singer/songwriter with a wide variety of musical influences. After years of singing in choirs and with various bands, she is now excited to share her unique voice and light with the world. This year she has been working hard in the studio, writing and recording soulful, positive music.

An interesting tidbit is that, Nicole is also a holistic health activist who believes that music is therapy.

I can definitely identify with that belief.

Her first single entitled, ‘Soulutionary One’, is a laid back groove, in where she proposes that we are all connected, that we have the solutions to our problems within us, and that our decisions are changing the world.

Listen to it below:

This song is smooth and every time I listen to it, it relaxes me. Nicole has a beautiful voice and I love the direction she is taking with her music, it is something I have not heard before and I am very excited about it. I eagerly anticipate her EP which will be released early this summer, with a full length album coming later this year.

What do you think of ‘Soulutionary One’? Comment below and let me know.

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