SchulKid feat. Valair- ‘Slow Dancing’

SchulKid Slow Dancing Artwork

It’s been a while but SchulKid is back with new music and he just keeps the good vibes coming.

On ‘Slow Dancing’, London-based producer, Schulkid has collaborated with Belgium-based Valair for a second time. Their first collaboration was on a soulful electro tune called ‘Wildest Promise’ which was released in December 2014.

Schulkid is known for being a “faceless artist” refusing to show his true identity and instead suggesting that listeners use his personal sketches on Instagram as guides to him and his art: “You can choose to believe I look like any one of them, whichever portrait the music guides you to. I have no desire to be recognized at face value, I just want people to recognize my sound in the future.”

‘Slow Dancing’ will be digitally released on 19th June via Stop Being Cute.

Stream below



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Valair on Facebook

Valair on Twitter

Valair on Instagram

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