Starling – ‘Misfit’


There is something absolutely beautiful about the way Starling delivers ‘Misfit’. It’s haunting and it lingers after you’ve finished listening to it but you can’t help but to click play again because it’s really that good.

About her inspiration behind the track, Starling says, “Driven by such a hunger to be understood or accepted that most of my life has meant a kind of compromising. Anything to be loved or liked, leaving myself behind. “I wrote ‘Misfit’ in an instance. Guess it was like an emotional sickness, a turning point inside, and I hope that if this sounds familiar to you, that you, like me, will fuck it all off and just be you, no compromise.”

On her Facebook page, she encouraged her fans to listen to the song as she “wrote it at a recent turning point in my life and hope the independent unapologetic nature will inspire you to be you and no compromise.”

Listen to the song below


Starling on Facebook

Starling on Twitter


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