Raleigh Ritchie – ‘Bloodsport’ (Hurley Mower Remix)

Raleigh RitchieI only heard the original song last weekend and it’s been on repeat ever since and then boom, I get this remix in my email and I now I can’t stop playing this one.

The UK’s Raleigh Ritchie has definitely won me over with his soulful voice and as he prepares for the release of ‘Bloodsport’ on September 25, he shares with his fans, this remix from 20-year-old Hurley Mower. I like Mower’s style, he plays around with Raleigh’s vocals and adds some brass to the mix making it a banger track.

Take it in below


Raleigh Ritchie on Facebook

Raleigh Ritchie on Twitter

Hurley Mower on Facebook

Hurley Mower on Twitter

One thought on “Raleigh Ritchie – ‘Bloodsport’ (Hurley Mower Remix)

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