Philco Fiction – ‘TALK/BRAG’

Oslo-based duo Philco Fiction has released, ‘TALK/BRAG’ the title track from their forthcoming sophomore LP, out early next year via Killing Moon Records.

The track is that classic synth pop, with Turid Alida’s vocals blending perfectly with the production.

Speaking of the track, Alida shared: “’I’m a lover, lover, lover. I’m a force. I’m a mother. And I’m never, never, never gonna let you down – leave you alone.’ [With] Talk/Brag, we wanna talk about our place in this world. We wanna brag about our potential as human beings. Tell everyone we are here to love. Tell everyone we want a piece of it. Did someone whisper ‘Airwolf’?

Side note. She is killing it in that power suit.

Stream the song below

Philco Fiction on Facebook

Philco Fiction on Twitter

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