My Picks (2)

It’s that time again where I share what I’ll be listening to for the week. Let’s go!

1. When was the last time you heard this song?! I found a list yesterday of the top 200 R&B songs in the 90s and I searched songs with titles that did not sound familiar to me and I came across this. Truthfully, I never knew the name of the song or the artiste but I’m glad I do now. Such a great song, such a great time for music.

2. This week I’ll be listening to Wynter Gordon’s Doleo EP. I found out that she had this EP after hearing this song and I really like it and I like her. Granted the first song I heard from her was Dirty Talk and that track is wicked but she tries something new in this EP and I’m curious to see where she goes with it. The review of it will be posted by this weekend.

3. I first heard this song yesterday and it’s perfect, I like a man who can speak or in this case rap from his heart and talk about Jesus and the role He has had in his life.

4. This is a cool track, the vibes are mellow and I like what Pusha T adds to it.

5. Heard this track on Saturday and it was my first time hearing Bridget and I’m a fan. Can’t wait to hear more from her.

6. This is an amazing song, all the artists on it just mesh so well and Ashthon Jones’ vocals are on fire!

7. Yuna puts me in a mood, her music relaxes me, the way she delivers these lyrics, it is pore raising.

8. I’ve had my eyes on Dawn since the days of Danity Kane, her voice has always stood out for me among the other girls and even though she is on her own, her voice still stands out. This song surely doesn’t disappoint, the beat, the lyrics, her voice. Amazing!

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