This is an interesting take on one of my favourite songs and it ends with some words all of us should live by. Read and enjoy.

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I love P!nk’s new song “Try”. It is about the truth of love. The more I listen, the more I believe this pop culture lyrics can also be applied to the business world. Here is my interpretation from the business angle:

Ever wonder why your boss does not tell you the truth sometimes! It might be for your own good. Honest opinions or facts are sometimes really hard to swallow. Remember Jack Nicholson’s famous line in the movie A Few Good Men “You can’t handle the truth!”  Not seeking for facts could be a good healthy move to your body and soul.


We gotta have a flame in our mind to start something – the desire to conquer the world, a project, a relationship, etc. If there is no flame, there is no passion. Why bother!


Now, we have tried and failed. Are we going to be beaten down down…

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