Fareoh ‘Fight For You’ (feat. Ethan Thompson)

ffyI’m very late on this but better late than never right?

This song has already been making waves, it has racked up more than 160,000 plays on Soundcloud and more than 3,000 hearts on Hype Machine (at the moment of writing this) and when you listen to it, you’ll understand why.

Twenty-two-year-old New York DJ and producer Fareoh (Ian Spurrier) says he is exhausted by the lack of originality in the current state of EDM.

I really wanted to step back and make something I saw as unique. My goal here was to make a true ‘song.’ In terms of unusual instrumentation, I recorded live guitar for this, as well as using a varied structure for the piece itself, as I see basic structure and replication of structure as one of the main problems with EDM at the moment.”

The lyrics come from a place of deep love that is delivered superbly by Ethan. This song is actually a love letter Fareoh wrote to his beloved girlfriend

“I wrote this piece for my girlfriend,” Fareoh stated. “The emotional goal and theme for this song was to capture mine, and working with Ethan has been a great experience. We share very much of the same mentality as far as preserving the musicality in this scene. He’s an incredible vocalist for this track.”

Someone with that type of passion who is able to display it so well through their music is someone I admire greatly.

Well done Fareoh and Ethan.

Stream the song below


Fareoh on Twitter

Ethan Thompson on Facebook

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